Zoo Fan

Zoo Fan

The ZOO Fan de-stratifies by producing a gentle column of air that draws warm air from the ceiling and forces it down to floor level. This creates a more comfortable, more productive indoor enviroment for occupants and has the potential to reduce energy consumption.

Environmentally Conscious
ZOO Fans improve air circulation and thermal comfort in new and existing facilities with ceiling heights from 2.6m to 30m or more. They can also help to lower a building’s running costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

Small Fans, Big Savings!
ZOO Fans are the most efficient and effective small de-stratification fans on the market. Rigorous independent testing proves that ZOO Fans use less energy to move air. Installations often need fewer fans, which reduces installation costs, and lowers operating costs.

Ideal for Supermarkets
ZOO Fans reduce condensation issues on refrigeration equipment in supermarkets. This reduces the occurrence of black mould and keeps the floor dry while eliminating hot or cold spots in the aisles.

Easy to Control
Variable speed control allows fine tuning of air flow. The fans can be operated individually or together in zones. They can be controlled with one of the easy to use Aviator controllers or a Building Management System.

These Fans Go Where Others Won’t
They’re easy to install around obstructions such as lighting or overhead cranes. Their directed column of air is perfect for aisles or avoiding sensitive areas. The ZOO Fans’ enclosed housing will never cause a strobe effect with lighting or interfere with fire suppression equipment.

Fast Payback
ZOO Fans create even temperatures from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall which makes it easier and more efficient to heat or cool a building. This causes HVAC systems to run less and energy usage costs to go down. Zoo fans typically have payback periods of 1-3 years, with most of the ROI occurring in less than 2 years.

2 Convenient Sizes Available
The ZOO Fan is available in 2 sizes, 250mm and 300mm, and have been tested to ISO 5801: 2007 for air flow performance and BS848 Part 2: 1985 for sound performance.

Robust Long Lasting Design
The ZOO Fan features a robust UV-treated PC ABS plastic housing that is fire resistant (5VB) and long lasting. It is fitted with an easy to reach IP54 terminal box and comes with Gripple attachments which makes it quick and easy to install.

Benefits of a zoo fan include lower energy costs, improvement of thermal comfort and a productivity increase.

Typical Applications
Ideal for buildings that are heated and have high ceilings such as shopping centres, warehouses, distribution centres, gymnasiums, theatres, airports, transportation hubs, supermarkets and car dealerships.

CFD Showing The Effect Of A ZOO Fan

These thermal images are from a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) showing the effects of Zoo Fans. They show a computer model of a 12.2 meter x 12.2 meter space with a 7.6 meter flat ceiling deck and a ceiling mounted heat source with a thermostat affixed 1.5 meters above the floor, set at 21°C.

The built-up heat at ceiling level is forced down when the ZOO Fan (represented by the white silhouette) is turned on.

De-Stratification results in a more even temperature throughout the Zone Of Occupancy. Creature comfort improves noticeably and energy consumption is reduced, often significantly.


Product Code ZFH30 ZFH30G ZFH60 ZFH60G
Guards* No Yes No Yes
379 379 453 453
300 300 367 367
352 352 421 421
D 445 445 533 533
E 539 539 656 656
F 378 378 460 460

All dimensions in mm
*Finger guards on inlet and outlet

Technical Data

Product Code ZFH30(G) ZFH60(G)
Fan Size (mm) 250 300
Motor 0.05kW 0.09kW
IP Rating IP54
Fan Speed Rev/Sec 23 21
Avg. dB(A) @ 3m Inlet 37 43
Outlet 38 42
Free Air m3/hr 972 1908
Power Supply 230V/1Ph/50Hz
Amps 0.24 0.38
Max. Operating Temperature (°C) 55 55
Weight 7kg 9kg

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