Venturi Air Movers

Venturi Air Movers

Venturi Air Movers are powered by compressed air or saturated steam and operate on the Venturi principle of using small volumes of high velocity air from a compressed source. A high velocity stream exiting the Venturi nozzle entrains a body of low velocity air within a tank/vessel. This creates an effective exhaust solution without the use of moving parts.

The Venturi Air Mover is suitable for railcar tankers, shipboard tanks, factory smoke stack access and aircraft fuel tanks. This ventilation method with pneumatic power is preferred when safety is a major concern and compressed air is readily available.

Made Tough
Features an anti-static, polyethylene, crush and dent resistant cone.

Higher Induction Ratios
Cylindrical mixing chamber delivers higher induction ratios

Low Maintenance
Requires minimal maintenance with no moving parts

Order code RV760 RV1500
Inlet connection 0.5”/12.7mm 1”/25.4mm
Flange API 3”/76.2mm API 6”/152.4mm
Weight 3kg 9kg
Dimensions 20/84cm 30/106cm
40 psig inlet air
Free air 1,702m³/hr 4,658m³/hr
Air consumption 37m³/hr 100m³/hr
Induction ratio 46:01:00 47:01:00
80 psig inlet air
Free air 2,446m³/hr 5,659m³/hr
Air consumption 99m³/hr 211m³/hr
Induction ratio 25:01:00 27:01:00

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