EFI50, EFI120 & EFI150

EFI50, EFI120
& EFI150

The EFi range (16”/400mm) are reversible ventilators engineered to move large volumes of air. The high-strength, glass reinforced ABS housing is corrosion-proof and chemical resistant. It includes a robust IP55 switch enclosure with a handy 3 metre power cord.

Virtually Indestructible
These units are made extra tough to be able to work alongside your team in harsh areas. They are built with a durable housing designed to withstand industrial workspace environments. The ABS casing is chemical resistant, corrosion proof and dent resistant.

Easy Storage
These units are designed to be stackable for convenient storage. Rubber grips on the base create extra stability when in use. Transporting the unit is easy with handles for controlled manoeuvring.

Engineered to
Move Air

The EFi range meets all of your ventilation requirements. The EFi50
is ideal when you need a high volume and low velocity flow. For a more powerful flow and reduced cooling times, use the EFi120 or EFi150 model.

Power Cord
A handy 3 metre long plug and lead is fitted as standard. This enables simple and quick use of the unit.


Technical Data

Model EFi50 EFi120 EFi150
Product Code EA8000-230 EA8120 EG8200-230
Free Air 5,440m³/hr 6,375m³/hr 7,580m³/hr
Motor 0.5hp (0.37kW) 1.2hp (0.9kW) 1.5hp (1.1kW)
IP Rating IP55
Power Supply 230V/50Hz
Weight 21kg 24kg 25kg
Amps 3A 5A 8A

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