Compact Cooler Series

Compact Cooler Series

The Compact Cooler series of portable fans is designed to increase comfort and lift productivity by providing relief for people working in warm to hot locations. They deliver large volumes of air and include wheels and handles to ensure easy manoeuvrability.

Able to Target Specific Areas
Built-in wheels and handles make these fans easy to maneuver. Versatile models can be tilted up or down to direct air where it is needed most.

Designed for Convenience
These units have compact & slim designs that allow operation and storage in limited spaces. These fans can conveniently pass through a standard doorway.

Effective Cooling
Increases comfort and productivity by providing relief for people working in warm to hot locations. These fans can also be used to efficiently and effectively cool equipment and products.

Durable and Compliant
These fans can operate in temperature ranges from -20°C to + 70°C. They come standard with a weatherproof switch and a heavy duty plug and lead. Safety guards are also a standard and comply with Australian Standards.


Versatile models – CCE404 & CCE564

Standard Model CCS564

Product Code CCE404 CCE564 CCS564
A 440 540 348
B 615 820 822
C 745 845 683
D 585 640
E 150 150

All dimensions in mm

Technical Data

Product Code CCE404 CCE564 CCS564
IP Rating IP55
Air flow m3/hr 5,220 12,312 12,312
Fan Speed rev/sec 24 24 24
Avg. dB(A) 47 58 58
Cce/s.. 1 Ph kW 0.25 0.75 0.75
Amps 1.8 4.9 4.9
Weight (KG) 21 40 26

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