SS Series Air Curtains

SS Series Air Curtains


The SS Series Air Curtains are designed and manufactured in Australia to withstand the most demanding environments. They are engineered to efficiently create a wall of air across door openings.

Washdown for Easy Cleaning
The SS Series Air Curtains include a range of hygiene critical features. Its IP55 rated motor can withstand water from high pressure cleaning without impairing performance.

Low Noise Level
The SS Series Air Curtains are packed with a powerful 415V/0.75kW motor. They have been engineered to keep noise levels to a minimum.

Stainless Steel Casing
All stainless steel casing is suitable for extremely corrosive environments. Comes with a 3 year warranty as standard.

Keep Insects Dust and Dirt Out
Our Air Curtains create a wall of air across door openings that prevent unwanted flying insects and contaminants, such as dust and dirt particles, from entering the building. Optimal work conditions and reduced cleaning times are achieved as a result.

Comes in Three Sizes
Available in 980mm, 1280mm and 1580mm sizes. Units are designed to fit above standard industry doorways that have limited space. The installation process is simple, meaning these units can be fitted quickly across large sites.

Complies with AQIS Standards
The AQIS compliance requirement for an Air Curtain is that it must provide a minimum of 8.0 meters per second air, velocity measured 900mm above floor level. Contact our office for more information about AQIS compliant Air Curtains and models we have to offer.

How Air Curtains Work

Technical Data

Product Code SSAC900 SSAC1200 SSAC1500
Overall Length (Including mounting bracket) 980mm 1,280mm 1,580mm
Depth 300mm
Overall Height 300mm
Fixing Centres 940mm 1,240mm 1,540mm
Outlet Grille 90×1,170mm
Motor 0.75kW
IP Rating IP55
Power Supply 415V
Weight 35kg 40kg 45kg
Outlet Velocity 26m/s
Avg. dB(A)@3m 67 70 71

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