The air driven AFi75XX (12”/300mm) is engineered specifically for hazardous work environments. It is suitable where explosive atmospheric conditions make intrinsically safe equipment a requirement. The ABS anti-static housing is corrosion and chemical resistant.

ATEX Certification
Safety of your workers is a priority. This unit is certified for use in hazardous atmospheres.

Virtually Indestructible
These units are made extra tough to work alongside your team in harsh areas. They are built with a durable housing designed to withstand industrial workspace environments. ABS anti-static casing is flame retardant and chemical resistant.

Duct Adapters and Cord
This unit includes two integrated duct adapters and a static grounding cord.


Technical Data

Model AFi75XX
Product Code AB7000
Free Air 3,471m³/hr @ 80 psig inlet air
Weight 15kg
Compressor Requirements 80 psig (550kPa)

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