Elta fans invests in growth in Fareham

The installation of a five-tonne, twin-hoist crane from British manufacturer Kone Cranes is providing a boost in production capacity and work flow at the plant, especially in the production of the larger and heavier fans. The growth in large bespoke units was also a factor in the decision to invest in the crane.

“Our planning and investment centres on our customers’ needs and our ability to match increased demand with efficient production. The addition of the new crane and our constant design and development of our products are examples of our determination to be a leading force in the many and varied fan markets.”
– by Applied Technology managing director Damian Buxton

Larger and more awkward fan units, some weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, are processed in a safe and efficient working environment that has been positioned away from some of the busier areas of the factory.

Inside the plant the flow of work has been significantly improved following the commissioning of the new crane. Fans are now shipped quickly from the assembly area to the packing area and swiftly out for delivery to customers.

There is also positive news at the smaller end of Elta Fans’ market, with new hubs being introduced. The hubs bring extra efficiency and capability to the firm’s impeller range.

Elta’s latest addition is the Series 1 impeller blade. It offers three different hubs covering 12 duct sizes, nine blade combinations and variable pitch to enable the selection of the most efficient combination for each duty. The Series 1 is also significantly stronger than its predecessor, allowing use in more demanding applications.

These latest investments at Fareham are part of progressive modernisation and follow the installation of a seam welder in the sheet metal area in 2013.